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Fee Increase

Effective with the July 2023 credit card fee assessment, the PCI fee component will be increased from .12% to .14% for all merchants. For Transact merchants, the MSUIT fee will also be increasing from .14% to .16%. These are the first increases since 2013 and are expected to have a minimal impact. For example, if a department’s current average effective rate is 2.50%, the new effective rate will be 2.54%.

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What is occurring?

Each person with access to payment card data, applications, or systems, or who is the PCI Steward for their department, is required to take PCI training at the point of hire and annually, at a minimum.  This action is required for MSU to assert compliance to our bank and the card brands.

This training is for anyone who has access to a Transact Payments store, operates a Credit Card Terminal on campus, helps reconcile credit card revenue, manages operations dealing with credit card revenue, or is a PCI Steward.  This does not apply to P-Card holders or activity.

What do I need to do?

Please select the elevateU icon in EBS under the “My Career& Training” section.  In the Search Box, simply search “PCI”.  The first course listed will be “PCI Compliance”.  Select “Launch”.  The training will pop up in a separate window.

This training is expected to take about 20-30 minutes and will have quiz questions throughout.  The quiz results will not be tracked and you are allowed to retake the questions as many times as you like.  Your training must be completed before the last business day of September each year.   

Do I have to?

Yes, if you and/or your staff meet the criteria listed above, it is mandatory.  The PCI training is required by the Controller’s Office, MSU IT Security team, and the PCI team.  The University attests overall compliance yearly to our acquiring bank, training is a mandatory requirement and MSU cannot attest compliance until training is complete. If you are a PCI Steward, you are responsible for ensuring that all applicable staff receive training.

Disclaimer: If you manage a location with volunteers, who by nature do not have a MSU Net ID but are trained to operate credit cards devices on behalf of the University, you should have them sign an updated Employee Security Statement during the year in which they volunteer.

Please contact the Cashier’s Office at 517-355-5023 or if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continuing efforts to keep MSU compliant!