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What is happening?

The NCRS (Noncredit Course Registration System) is being retired with the first phase being implemented on Sunday, October 1st.

What is the impact on users?

There will no longer be a central site for noncredit course enrollments. Each unit offering noncredit course enrollments has added registration links to their unit-specific sites. Beginning on October 1st, visitors to the NCRS course offering site ( will be redirected to a page on the eCommerce at MSU web site ( ) explaining that the service has been retired and that they need to visit the site of the unit offering their course.

Additionally, Beginning October 1st, Unit NCRS administrators will no longer be able to manage their courses using NCRS. All support staff access has been retained through November 1st when the service will be fully retired.

How did we prepare?

Several communications were sent to NCRS course providers from the NCRS product owner and from the Controllers Office telling them that the NCRS service was being retired and that they needed to convert their offerings to the new CASHNet/CAPS solution. Migration workshops were held in September and approximately eighteen new CASHNet stores were created with CAPS (Course Access Provisioning Service) integrations. The project team included members from the DLS Help Desk, members of the Controllers Office and members from several IT Services teams. We have worked for several months helping interested units migrate noncredit course enrollments to the CASHNet/CAPS NCRS replacement solution and will continue to add others as needs arise.

CAPS is the NCRS replacement!

As you are aware, CAPS is the NCRS replacement. We appreciate your participation in the CASHNet/CAPS transition workshops and your help in supporting units who have transitioned to CAPS. The CAPS training resources are all available online on the eCommerce at MSU CAPS web page (  Customers wanting a new CASHNet/CAPS integrated store should be advised that CASHNet Training is a prerequisite as the CAPS integration requires the set-up of a new CASHNet storefront. If users have an existing storefront, a new storefront must be requested to accommodate the CAPS integration.