Before Getting Started

Accepting payment (credit/debit) cards is convenient for both customers and departments. The Cashier's Office will assist you with all aspects of card acceptance. Before deciding to accept payment cards, be prepared to follow policies and procedures that will ensure:

There are multiple ways to accept payment cards. Which method(s) to use depends on the business purpose/event and how your customers will interact with you. 

In order to be compliant with MSU policy regarding acceptance of credit cards, there needs to be a PCI steward, signed merchant or usage agreement, and a current PCI self assessment questionnaire (SAQ) on regardless of method(s) used. 

Any requests made through Cashier’s Office will need time for processing and implementation, the time will vary based on the method selected.

Review the Merchant Services Policy Allowable Processing Methods. For more detail, refer to the Manual of Business Procedures, Section 17, Acceptance of Payment Cards (Credit and Debit) and e-Commerce and the Manual of Business Procedures, Section 13, Onboarding and Renewing Service Providers for Payment Card Services.