MSUPayment is middleware that collects transaction information from MSU’s approved electronic payments vendors.

MSUPayment serves three primary functions as described below:

Revenue and Fee Information

Revenue and Fees are recorded in MSUPayment for each merchant. This information is used in combination with other MSU financial reporting to manage account reconciliation.

View Transact Payments Processor Information (secured) to learn more.

PCI reporting

Access to view revenue and fee information in MSUPayment is automatically added when access to Transact Payments is granted. PCI stewards use MSUPayment to audit store access. Additionally, access review reports are regularly distributed to PCI stewards.

Relaying data to your department

MSUPayment provides the capability to send transaction data from Transact Payments to a campus unit database. To learn more about using this option, view the MSUPayment Transact Payments Data Integration (secured) resource.