MSU Cashnet

Cashnet is the MSU centrally supported, PCI DSS compliant eCommerce solution for MSU used by over two hundred units on campus.

Notice: Credit Card Refund Processing Change

Due to a change in card processing rules, refund transactions are now authorized/declined similar to sale transactions. Please be aware that issuing banks will decline a return in an attempt to mitigate fraud. However, there may be other scenarios when the refund is legitimate but cannot be issued back to the card. When you attempt to refund a credit card transaction through Cashnet, you may receive a real-time notification that the refund has been declined. This means the transaction was not completed and the cardholder was not refunded. If this happens, you will need to refund legitimate returns via check using EBS or another method outside of Cashnet.

Cashnet Features

Cashnet allows users to customize an online web storefront for customers. Users are walked through a simple interface that allows them to:

Cashnet MSUPayment Integration

Cashnet is integrated with MSUPayment to provide the following:

See the MSUPayment reference page for further details. 

Cashnet Resources

For further details on store setup,  processing transactions, and data integration, visit the following sections: