MSU Eventbrite

Eventbrite is the MSU centrally managed PCI DSS compliant event management eCommerce solution.  The Cashier’s Office will coordinate with departments to create all events with paid admission or registration. All MSU events collecting revenue must be channeled through the Cashier’s Office. Anyone can use Eventbrite for free events and do not have to request it through the Cashier’s Office.

Eventbrite Features

Eventbrite allows MSU users to customize an online web storefront for hosting an event.  Some of the features include:

Eventbrite Fees

Eventbrite Resources

The first step to setting up your event is to fill out an eCommerce Request Form. You will be contacted by the Cashier's Office after the form is received.

For more information about using Eventbrite, visit the following sections:

Please contact the Cashier’s Office at 517-355-5023 or with further questions.