Cashnet Training

On-demand, self-service training is provided for all users. The following sections include links to Cashnet tutorials and reference materials. It is recommended that users complete all three tutorials to gain a strong understanding of Cashnet functions. 

Introduction to Cashnet

The introduction tutorial includes an overview of how Cashnet is used at MSU, PCI DSS Compliance requirements, store administrator responsibilities, administrator tips, environment overview, and support information. 

The introduction is required for all Cashnet users.

Store Setup training

This training focuses on using Cashnet to configure the look and feel of the eMarket store, configuring business rules and configuring accounts. 

This training is required for those who are responsible for maintaining a Cashnet store and have "Store Setup" access. 

Processor training

This training path focuses on running Cashnet reports, finding transactions, issuing refunds, sending receipts on request, running MSUPayment reports for balancing ledgers, and viewing contacts for merchants. 

This training is required for those who perform "Processor" or "Auditor" functions in Cashnet.