PCI DSS Security Awareness 

All people with access to or involved in the process of accepting, storing, or transmitting payment card data must receive training at hire and annually thereafter (at a minimum). Free training is currently available and mandatory:  

A Guide to the PCI DSS training questions can be found here.


Free CASHNet training is provided to all users. There are two different training paths available depending on the functions you will be performing within the CASHNet system. The schedule and registration portal is available through EBS. (Note: This link requires a second login and is only supported by the following browsers: Internet Explorer, and Firefox Extended Support Release.)

Processor training

This training path focuses on running CASHNet reports, finding transactions, issuing refunds, sending receipts on request, running MSUPayment reports for balancing ledgers, and viewing contacts for merchants. 

This training is for those who need "Processor" or "Auditor" access in CASHNet. 

Store Setup training

This training focuses on using CASHNet to configure the look and feel of the eMarket store, configuring business rules and configuring accounts. 

This training is for those who need "Store Setup" access.